Saturday, October 7, 2017

Something I Did Not Know Happened: An Anti-Lynching

I am researching the origins of Florida's first law licensing open carry of firearms in 1893 for what may be an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case.

One of my readers seems to have found the reason: 
The first, and most notable occasion, occurred in July, 1892, "B" and of the Fourth Battalion to report to A, me at "U'I when a white man, having been killed by a negro, and threats of lynching the prisoner from the Duval County Jail being made, a large concourse, or mob of negroes, assembled around the jail and defied and denied the sheriff of the county ingress to the building. This mob, refusing to disburse upon the reading of the riot act by the sheriff, he called for assistance from the militia to aid him in enforcing the laws.. [Report of the Adjutant-General for the Biennial Period Ending December 31, 1892, 18.]

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