Monday, October 30, 2017

Why the Vegas Massacre

A reader pointed me to this Mark Steyn explanation of this black swan mass murder:
Hold that 'hiding in plain sight' concept as we return to the shooting. This man amassed (rough figures) 24 guns in the hotel and another 19 at his home - 42 guns in total. He spent some $100,000 on buying them. The guns at his home are one thing but he also spent days filling his hotel room with more weapons and ammunition than he could ever conceivably use along with an array of advanced modifications and accessories.
Everything brand new. And very expensive. And mostly entirely redundant. Representing in effect an enormous waste of money and time and risk.
Except that is in the realm of generating massive publicity. Guaranteed massive publicity.
Yet despite having gone to enormous lengths to achieve that goal we are asked to believe this same man never troubled - never took the most elementary steps - to speak to that publicity. Indeed left behind no trace of anything that might demonstrate indicate or even hint at his motive or motives.
That would appear to make very little sense.
We would argue the opposite - that it makes absolute sense.
Because this gentleman did not simply fail to leave behind a motive; He took substantial trouble to ensure that no motive could be found - or attributed to him. All of which can lead us to only one conclusion:
It has been said that 'the medium is the message'.
In this case that is the literal truth. There is only one plausible motive for what this man did. And here it is:
This man wished to telegraph to America in graphic form the hard irrefutable evidence that guns and gun ownership and the ease of gun purchase in America are an evil and must be controlled. On that hypothesis everything now makes sense. And it must be said his concept has a certain demented genius.


  1. Not for the first time, I agree with Mark Steyn.

    They've overdone it, though.

    There is just too much of an abundance of all the things that the gun-banners would like to ban: bipods, scopes, bump stocks, black "evil" guns, "high" capacity magazines- all neatly placed in the carefully leaked pictures.

    I'm not buying what they're selling; and it looks like no one else is, either. If they thought they could get away with pushing this fraud, the MSM would be churning out copy like gangbusters, but they're quiet as mice.

    There are some interesting videos on YouTube (if they haven't been removed) that show FBI personnel doing "cleanup" operations at the Harvest Festival site. The videos show no bullet holes in walls, no broken glass in any buildings there, no evidence at all that this was the target of a hail of gunfire.

    This whole thing stinks of fakery.

  2. The guns weren't "redundant". They were part of a plan. You can't fire something like an AR-15 continuously at near-cyclic rates of fire without the barrel melting down. There are any number of YouTube videos that show this happening, like this one:

    You can't fire such guns continuously at full auto rates of fire without them very rapidly failing. They aren't designed to be fired like that.

    Apparently the shooter understood this and collected what were essentially a number of identical rifles fitted with identical bump stocks (or near enough that it doesn't matter) in order to maintain a high rate of fire without having the barrel melt down on him or having the handguards catch fire.

    He could shoot a few magazines through a gun, and as it heated up, swap it out for an identical gun, and so forth. Eventually, by the time he had worked his way through the rifles, the first gun would have been cooled down.

    That shows a pretty large degree of forethought and planning on his part: He had planned to maintain a very high rate of fire, and he purchased and brought to the hotel what he needed to maintain what were water-cooled machine gun rates of fire.

    No matter what laws you pass, there is literally no way to guard against such a person. No matter what roadblocks you put in front of them, they will always be able to plan their way around them in order to maximize the carnage they cause. So doing something like banning bump stocks is a fool's game.

  3. The media has in the past hidden things from public scrutiny that leftists have done. Why should this be any different? It would be plainly laughable to attribute this to right-wing hatred affecting the soft-headed as was done in the Gabby Giffords shooting, but note that his vile deed has already fallen off the radar of the attention-challenged lickspittle lackey media.
    I think it is Gun Watch, a Blog you list, that wrote once, if the media do not give an ethnicity or race to criminals, know that the criminals are young black males. This has fallen off the radar so fast, you know the murderer was a leftist of the purest hate.