Tuesday, October 31, 2017


I need to verify some page references in "Ledgers of imports and exports, America" at the National Archives of the U.K.    The images are here.  This is an 18th century spreadsheet showing imports by quantity to all American ports.  I cannot seem to find the gunpowder columns.  If each of you could grab a range of pages or years (1768-1773) and find the pages with the gunpowder columns, it would be most appreciated.  I only expect that data for 1769-71.

Alphabetical columns for "Powder, Gun."  Around pp. 85 and 171 are for two of the years, I think.  Year 1768 starts at p. 1 (skip 1768); Year 1769 "powder, gun" at p. 83; 1770 starts at p. 99; "powder, gun" is on p. 110.  You would be doing a service to future historians if you identified on what page each year starts.  Even better, if you can identify the subsections: imports, exports, shipping tonnage.

1768 starts at 1, exports at 22; 1769 starts at 37; imports at 41; exports at 47.  1771 imports start a p. 170.  I am not seeing that column.

Why could they not export as CSV files. :-)

I have everything I need now except the gunpowder imports for 1771.  Found it on p. 171.

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