Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Hockey Stick

I can find lots of conservative discussion of Mann's refusal to turn over the data used for hours famous hockey stick chart of temperature.   (It is proprietary, in spite of being paid for by the U.S. government. )  I cannot find any news coverage of the court finding him in contempt of court for his refusal to do so.  Why?


  1. Has any case come to the stage of discovery where this was requested? Most of the reporting on the Mann libel case against Tim Ball in Canada is the work of a fantasist who is always 2 steps in front of the court and often in the wrong direction. In the Mann v Mark Stein, AES, National-Review, etc case I don't think were past the appeals on the anti-slapp motions yet.

  2. And in the mean time the Ice pack watchers are still trying to put a goos spin on the fact that there is still ice there (AKA this year wasn't the worst on record). Love their note its the eighth worst Ice level on record and the Antarctic may have reached its maximum extent for the year (which they hope).

  3. Who leaves contemptuous behavior unaddressed for 8 months? The data should have been delivered by 2/20/17 but here we are at 10/24/17 and the data has not arrived.

    At a certain point, the judge has to protect the authority of the court and issue a contempt citation. A real reporter should be asking at this point, what's been the longest delay between a contemptuous act and the citation sanctioning it? Is this a Canadian record?