Thursday, October 5, 2017

YouTube Censorship

ZeroHedge is full of not entirely correct speculation about why Paddock could not have done this.   But this paragraph claims there are four videos showing firing from lower floor:
 Were there additional shooters?  A taxi driver reportedly captured video of an automatic weapon being fired out of a lower level window.  A video from another angle and brief footage captured by Dan Bilzerian also seem to confirm that automatic gunfire was coming from a floor much lower than the 32nd floor room that Stephen Paddock was located on.  And if you weren’t convinced by the first three videos, this fourth video should definitely do it.
The first video has been removed by user (in the last few minutes); the second video show flashing light on lower floor at about the rate of the gunfire ; second link is the same as first link; link to fourth video showing officers discussing 4th floor suspect has been removed for violating YouTube's harassment or bullying guidelines.  Huh?  Another video from near ground level sounds like the shooting is very close.

Something is very wrong here.

Michael Savage has an audio interview with a survivor says that there were two different gun shot sounds at the same time.


  1. Zerohedge is only slightly more reliable than Infowars. Which is to say a step or two below CNN.

    Tyler Durden got that post from "The Economic Collapse Blog".

    Vegas is full of mirrors, glitter and flashing lights. Light bounces, sound echos.

    Goofball was fireing down into a crowd of 20,000 closely packed people using 5.56 (I believe) ball ammo. That is the "ideal" angle to drive bullets into the head and upper chest.

    Firing 500 or 600 rounds in 9 minutes is not something that's all that difficult even with a single AR. If you've got three or four rifles and a pile of magazines it's even easier.

  2. I agree that many of the claims are "not completely correct." The videos disappearing are curious.

  3. Are there any windows broken or openable on the fourth floor?

  4. I remember seeing that taxi-driver video yesterday. Now lots of people are referencing it, and I'd like to see it again; but it's been taken down.

    Google is close to CNN on my Do Not Trust list, and Google owns YouTube, which has been removing and de-monetizing videos from right-wingers. This could be more censorship of things that the Left does not want us to see.

    So I'm with you, Clayton: something is very wrong here.

    Very little about this whole affair makes any sense! To top it all off, we have the FBI in charge. Yeah, that same FBI that doesn't seem to be able to tell the truth in anything!

  5. The frustrating thing is that no matter where the recorders were located, the volume of the gunshots sounds the same. It sounds like the gun is just a stones throw away. Mandalay ground level (taxi driver) sounds the same as the concert field.

  6. There is at least one video out there taken during a performance earlier in the concert where the same flashing light can be seen in the same lower window when there was no weapons fire going on.

  7. RevGreg: That makes sense. Vagas is awash in flashing lights besides gunfire.