Thursday, August 4, 2022

Alex Jones

I see that Alex Jones, purveyor of conspiracy theories to people weak on reasoning is going to pay for defaming the parents of the Newtown dead.

Freedom of speech was never intended to protect false defamatory, libelous, and slanderous speech.  I agree with those who say the Sullivan decision damaged our libel laws in ways that encourage careless and dishonest news media.  This does not in anyway make spreading lies that damage the reputation of others acceptable.  This is not "hurt feelings."  This is destroying reputations so badly that unhinged sorts make threats to those defamed.

Alex Jones says ridiculous things to get clicks.  He made his money.  Now he is responsible for the damage he did making that money.


  1. I don't follow Alex Jones. I don't really have an opinion about him one way or the other but from the little bit I know about the trial, he is tried for telling (a?) Sandyhook parent that the shooting was a hoax. Is that about the sum of it? If so, I don't see why being stupid (or misinformed?) and telling someone your stupid opinion is damaging - certainly not worth $4M and counting. What am I missing?

    1. It is that his false informing his ardent followers led to death threats and harassment of the parents.

  2. Jones didn't do anything more false or more ridiculous than many of the things promoted by CNN, NY Times, CBS, etc.