Friday, August 19, 2022

Why Does Anyone Take These Fools Seriously?

I saw a composite of these articles over at Small Dead Animals.   They are mostly older articles but still: why would news organizations run articles suggesting that calling breastfeeding natural was a bad idea because it might cause mothers to become antivaxxers?  3/24/16 CNN:
"But, according to a pair of experts, this type of campaign could backfire in a big way. When federal and local health departments use the term "natural" to promote breast-feeding, it could inadvertently fuel concerns over other aspects of health and society that are seen as "unnatural," such as vaccines, genetically modified foods and assisted reproductive technologies, the experts warn."

"By endorsing breast-feeding as natural, they say, breast-feeding advocates are reinforcing the idea that natural is A) something that actually exists and B) healthier. By setting up this dichotomy, these pro–breast-feeding campaigns might serve as unintentional fodder for concerns against “unnatural” interventions like vaccinations."

If breastfeeding as natural does not exist we need to take this up with the tens of thousands of other mammalian species. 

No evidence presented that this very 1970s liberal crusade (with which I always agreed) actually caused antivaxxer sentiment.   I will say, the heavy handed way the COVID-19 vaccines were handled likely did provoke antivaxxer sentiment among people who did not lean that way before.  I keep looking for evidence that our self-appointed betters are even close to normal intelligence and I do not mean they are at the high end of the bell curve.

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