Saturday, August 27, 2022

Remember When Female Genital Mutilation Was a Horror We Could Not Allow?

 This Post-Millenial article makes some horrifying claims.  

The Seattle Children's Hospital Gender Clinic gives patients puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones & so-called "gender-affirming" surgeries, and they begin seeing patients at the age of 9.

The clinic accepts new patients as young as 9 years old and "sees patients who have begun to show signs of puberty development. Gender-affirming medical care, such as puberty blockers, are not considered until patients have begun puberty development."

So I checked them.

Resources for prepubertal children and their families:Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic sees patients who have begun to show signs of pubertydevelopment (if you or your pediatrician have questions about your child’s puberty development,your pediatrician can reach out to our team by submitting our e-consult form). Gender-affirmingmedical care, such as puberty blockers, are not considered until patients have begun pubertydevelopment. For prepubertal children, caregivers can offer support around gender explorationand social transition, including learning about gender diversity, connecting with other families ofgender diverse children, connecting with affirming primary care and mental health providers,and advocating for children in school and legal settings. We hope the resources below will be ahelpful start.

The consequences for this sort of messing with hormones and then mutilating teens in the name of the fad de jour are horrifying.  Unlike playing around with your sexual orientation, once you remove breasts and genitals, there is no going back.  This is why I have long thought of homosexuality as almost normal and unremarkable compared to this headlong rush to permanently alter the OEM parts.

That doctors are active participants in this barbarism is horrifying; that many parents go along with or even encourage makes me think of the women in the Middle East who both perform and justify clitoridectomies.

Cross-dress; change your pronouns; pretend that you have catgender; but leave the children a chance to grow up unmutilated.


  1. Yes, but that's just FGM in OTHER cultures.

  2. At present, gender dysphoria is grossly over-diagnosed and thousands of people have been surgically and hormonally mutilated for no good reason.

    Having said that: there is a very small number of cases of real, intractable gender dysphoria which manifests in childhood. For those people, gender "transition" is necessary. Development of secondary sex characteristics during puberty is also irrevocable, and can make transition much harder. So for that very small number of people, blocking normal puberty is a huge benefit.

    But only for them - and AFAIK, there is no reliable way to distinguish those cases from cases of temporary gender confusion (where intervention is extremely harmful).

    1. I actually agree that there may well be people with gender dysphoria. But it is indeed, a tiny fraction of those being mutilated.