Sunday, August 28, 2022

Something New for New York to Freak Out About

8/26/22 Syracuse News reports that N.Y. is now prohibiting sales of whipped cream to under 21s.  Why? I knew that these are charged with nitrous oxide which can be used as an intoxicant.  I had no idea anyone would put the energy into it 

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  1. I have a book called "Flight from Reality", that discusses all the myriad things people ate, drank, smoked or merely chewed to create a high. Some people will chew Khat to get a high that people have described as similar to four coffee-sized cups of espresso. Piso from South America used to depend on the enzymes in saliva to convert the starches to sugars that the yeast could convert to alcohol. Fortunately that step is no longer necessary to make commercial Piso.
    People go to almost any length to get the preferred high effect.