Friday, August 19, 2022

Division of Labor Concept is Breaking Down

Or no one really needs to work anymore.

1. We have evidence of a very small roof leak.  (The original owner complained during warranty and the builder did a slap dash job repairing it.  Just enough to get out of warranty. )

I got four different roofers over here to do estimates.   I did not write down names or phone numbers.   They obviously want the job or they would not come over and climb on the roof, right?

So far a week on and only one has provided an estimate.   Since I no longer remember who I called, I have contacted a bunch of new guys hoping some of them are prepared to get back to me with estimates. 

2. I am planning to upgrade my Lenovo from 32GB of RAM to 128GB (this should speed up video editing a lot and anything you can do to reduce VM swapping on SSDs is a win).

I also want to add a 4TB SSD.  My 1TB SSD is approaching full and I figure even I cannot fill up 4TB.

Two solutions: buy from and install the RAM and SSD myself.

Have BestBuy do it.   It is a bit more expensive but attempts to get a quote on the BestBuy cost were fruitless.   

Third choice: see if Lenovo can do it.  I have an on-site extended warranty.  I can pay them to do the install.  But no matter how many people I chatted with, no one seemed to know to whom I should talk.

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