Sunday, August 28, 2022

Cricket Wireless

We have been paying our Cricket Wireless bill for a couple of years through our checking account AutoPay.  Suddenly they say they cannot get a payment.   I try to pay through their webpage with my Discover card and they cannot verify the card.   Of course there are no humans.   It appears all their payment systems have failed.  Why is this so hard?

Have any of you had a wireless provider that has managed payments for more than a year?

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  1. We use Century Cellunet. It may be called something else now, but it is the cellphone company for old people. I am 62 and my wife is 65. We have had them for at least 5 years, probably much longer.
    They take our payment right out of our checking account each month. My wife checks the account at least a couple of times a week, usually more than that. Never had a bit of trouble with them.
    The one problem we have ever had is from our internet company. We live in a trailer park, which provides us cable service as part of our lot rent. It is called Private Cable, and the tend to be pretty good, and on the ball if you have an issue with them that needs a tech to come out.
    We also get our internet with them, and that costs us from our own pocket. They take that from our own account, which they take out every month, from an account that I have. I think it is like 44$ or something around that. I have a checking account with this bank, Huntington Bank. But I don't have any checks, only a debit card. It expires every 2-3 years or so. When it does, if I forget to inform the internet/cable company, they try to bill for my internet, and they cannot get a payment. They give me a phone call, and I give them the new numbers on my card, and then it is all good again, no problems. Their office is in the area, and I have been out there a couple of times, in person, and so I have met the office women, and they are all kind and decent. So when they help me on the phone, they are the same way.
    We have a number of other bills taken out of our account, gas, electric, lot rent, for the mobile home park, insurance for our car and home. Basically things that remain the same each month. That way it is easier for my wife to check them and make sure that nobody has screwed with our account.