Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Recursive Scamming

 Today's scam:

INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF) 164 DE-80939 Berkshire, London, TEL:+17402802078 REF:-XVGNN8809 ATTN: INSTRUCTION TO RELEASE YOUR OVERDUE FUND we have come to understand that you have lost a lot of money all because you want to receive your fund, note all that have been put to a stop as the United nation has promised to assist you with the sum of $5million in other to compensate you and all you have to do is fill the below details.. 1 full name 2 home phone and cell phone number 3 occupation 4 amount that was lost by you. Furthermore one Michael Oneal said you sent him to claim the compensation kindly confirm if you sent him before we do anything regarding it. Below is our contact details, we are Expecting your prompt reply thank you. Direct Usa Hotline: +17402802078 Reply to; mwmwe5@gmail.com Sincerely Mr. Carla Grasso, Deputy Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND.(UNITED NATION)

My reply was: "Will there be a scam compensation fund for this scam?" 

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