Wednesday, August 31, 2022

This Sounds a Bit Worse Than Run-of-the-Mill Bipolar Disorder

8/30/22 Los Angeles Times:
"The nurse facing murder charges for allegedly slamming her Mercedes-Benz into traffic this month in Windsor Hills was in the throes of a “frightening” mental health crisis in the days, hours and minutes before the crash, new court records filed by her attorneys show.

"The fiery crash killed five, including a pregnant woman and a baby. The Los Angeles district attorney charged Linton with six counts of murder, including the pregnant woman’s unborn child."

Remember, in California killing an unborn child ID still homicide unless performed by a licensed physician. 

"She ran out of her apartment in May 2018 during a panic attack, and when police approached her, she jumped on a police car and was arrested for disorderly conduct, her attorneys wrote.

"A few days after that arrest, Linton told her family that she believed she was possessed by her dead grandmother."

There was a time when these events would have led to an involuntary commitment not a nursing career.

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