Friday, August 26, 2022

Why Linux Does Not Replace Windows

 I just installed Linux Cinnamon dual boot on my old laptop and indeed it is very speedy compared to Windows 10.  But the TP-Link USB WiFi adapter is not recognized.  Okay, it is a year or two old, so I should not expect Linux to recognize it but searching the web for how to install drivers for it has been so far fruitless.  I am blogging through an Ethernet cable.  I understand sudo apt update etc. and roughly understand git's purpose, but I would not expect any non-techie to have a clue how to get WiFi working.

This seems to indicate that they are not available.

I had another clunkier TP-Link USB adapter which came right up.  It is not AC1300 but it works.

The AC1300 does not work in the Linux box in the workshop either.  LinuxCNC recognizes it as WiFi but that is as far as it goes.  It does not appear as though a/b/g/n work, much less ac.

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