Monday, August 22, 2022

Magnificent in a T. Rex Sort Of Way

A YouTube video of a B-52 squadron arriving at an RAF base in Britain. If you have ever watched one climbing above you, you know what I mean.   That a plane so utterly absurd was built and still flies is amazing.  Like a T. Rex.

Can anyone ever forget Slim Pickens last rodeo?

In the event you never saw Dr. Strangelove, i recommend it.  For an absurdist better Red Than Dead movie it has some great lines.  Who can forget Gene Hackman:  "Do you know who you will have to answer to?" after someone shoots a Coke machine to get change for a phone call to stop World War III.  He responds "the Air Force?"   Hackman's deadpan response: "The Coca- Cola Company."

Come the Revolution there will likely be a shortage of film professors who have not fled to North Korea I can see teaching a film class where I have the students compare and contrast Dr. Strangelove and the grimly realistic Fail-Safe.


  1. Gene Hackman wasn't in the movie, it was Keenan Wynn.

  2. I love Dr. Stangelove. It was one of the films on the syllabus for my Film class in college and I must have watched it 5-6 time for that class alone.

    One small point; that was Keenan Wynn, not Gene Hackman.

  3. Gene Hackman was not in Dr. Strangelove. The character you refer to was played by Keenan Wynn.

  4. Who can forget? Well... Keenan Wynn, I'm pretty sure, not Gene Hackman.

  5. Yeah, Keenan Wynn.

    And today is the 68th anniversary of the first flight of the most versatile military aircraft ever: The might C-130 Hercules. Name another airplane and the C130 can do it's mission (except maybe dogfighting). Tanker? Recce? Bomber? The Herc is the only aircraft that can drop the biggest non-nuclear bomb. Ground attack? The Herc fires the biggest gun (105mm).