Monday, August 15, 2022

These Idiots Seem to Want a Civil War

 3/28/22 The College Fix:

A Penn State University professor said on Twitter over the weekend that former President Donald Trump “Should’ve been Lincoln’d.”

Zack Furness, an associate professor of communications at Penn State University’s Greater Allegheny campus, made the comment in response to a tweet Saturday depicting Trump in Puerto Rico in 2017 throwing paper towel rolls to a crowd after Hurricane Maria ripped through the island, a move that was heavily criticized as highly insensitive.

“Should’ve been Lincoln’d five minutes later” the professor replied, according to screenshots obtained by the Post Millennial.

There are similarities:

1. Republicans

2. Really upset the Democrats whose power was largely the wealthy ("the slaveocracy")

3. Upset entertainers to the point of assassination.

4. Elected by a minority of the popular vote, largely because Republican voters were regionally concentrated.

I cannot tell if these promoters of civil war are so detached from people outside the bubble that they have not a clue of how widespread the upset is, outside the privileged whites, or they think 100 million people with guns and the ability to cut off food supplies to many of the coastal cities are too weak to resist their moral and intellectual superiority.  

Such a second Civil War would be catastrophic on both a national and global level.  The Democrats would give BLM tacit permission to loot and burn cities; such tactics elsewhere might well provoke reprisals based on race rather than actual criminal behavior.

Attempts to suppress dissent by the FBI might cause lone wolf attacks against federal law enforcement offices.

While we are distracted, China would likely invade Taiwan, if Taiwan did not go nuclear and take out Three Gorges Dam.  Japan and South Korea would likely go nuclear; North Korea starts Korean War II with millions dead.  Russia invades Europe.  Iran might nuke Israel.

 The cutoff of American grain exports could well lead to famine.  Ukraine is not the only large exporter of grain.

This would all be very, very bad.  I do wonder how obvious the mid-term election fraud has to be before much of the population just stops taking orders.  Attempts to de-kulak would result in county and even state-level armed resistance.  Lots of perfectly decent people get caught up in the race hatred ideology and die.

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  1. With the crop failure of the Dakota's, I don't think we have enough wheat to export any. I doubt anyone else will be exporting, either, as worldwide wheat production is down, due to very limited fertilizer availability. Going to be hungry people next year, even here in the US. Africa will take it in the shorts, since they can't feed themselves, and chased out most all the white farmers that were feeding them before. Serious lack of brains on that continent, and it is going to bite them big time.
    "Iran might nuke Israel." Their response to this could be spectacular. Israel is estimated to be the # 4 (or 5?, fuzzy memory) nuke weapon power. Could be glow-in-the-dark glass parking lots in most of the ME. They have 8k mile range ICBM's, along with lots of shorter range weapons.