Saturday, August 27, 2022

What Happened to California's Drought?

8/26/22 Arizona Republic reports that part of I-10 was washed out by flooding.

Now growing up in L.A., it was true that an inch of rain often reduced drivers to utter incompetence.  (An inch of snow would cause famine.)  Washing out an Interstate is more than a little rain.

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  1. I remember rain in so Cal. The first rain of the season raises all the oil out of the freeways and the roads, creating an ice-slick surface. Thousands were surprised about this just like in all the previous years. By the last rain of the season this hazard is forgotten, only to be renewed at the next rainy season.
    Do Arizona and New Mexico have this problem? Or do they, in spite of being in the desert southwest, have frequent rains throughout the year that evaporate as quickly as they came?