Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Alt-Right Redistributing Russian Propagnda

 I am starting to see Russian propaganda cartoons coming through al-right channels.  One is Zelenskyy supposedly calling Americans "ridiculous, decadent, overfed and I have contempt for them."  No source of course.

Another cartoon shows a table filled with stereotypical Jews playing monopoly on a tabletop sitting a bunch of crouching people, with the caption, "If the people stand, the game is over."  Anti-Semitism has been at the core of Russian nationalism since the 1980s and of course goes back to Tsarist times.

Do not redistribute these Russian propaganda pieces.

I know the alt-right opposes support for Ukraine, part of a traditional non-interventionist foreign policy.  It used to be phrased as, "If we had not intervened in World War I, a negotiated settlement would have produced a less abusive treaty than Versailles and Hitler would not have risen."  Now I am hearing it as we should not have involved ourselves in World War II, even though both Hitler and Tojo had plans for dividing America at the Rockies.  The Alt-right has a substantial anti-Semitic element and this suddenly makes sense,


  1. The fastest way onto my block list is posting one of those "Happy Merchant" anti-semetic memes. It's amazing the mileage those creeps get out of the same piece of clip-art, but I swear 90% of them are made using MS Paint. I don't know where they come from, but my goodness are they low IQ.

    1. I feel so isolated. I recognize the drawing when I looked it up, but have never seen it in contemporary, or perhaps it is so similar to older portrayals of Jews.

    2. Yeah, they use it like clip-art, and post lots of noxious cartoons. Most commonly on Gab I've noticed, and usually off topic in the groups they post them in, as if they will somehow gain traction by putting that crap where it's not wanted.