Wednesday, August 3, 2022

When Reality is Indistinguishable From 2000 Satire

Breitbart pointed me to The Queer Mathematics Teacher.  An endorsement:
"Including queer families in word problems or being an ally to queer students is only the first step to normalizing and including all students in the classroom. This series really helped me see and think about how to further the social justice work needed within classrooms. It was eye-opening even as a queer educator, and uncomfortable sometimes. But the time spent on it was time well spent. Brandie does a great job facilitating conversation and this is the actionable equity PD every educator (queer and straight) should be demanding from their districts, and themselves. Thank you Brandie!"

Does anyone really think that including queer families in word problems will make a difference?  This sounds almost like a parody of that nasty Ebonics math problem involving drug dealing.

It sounds more like this person has figured out a way to make good money selling something absurd to privileged white school boards.

Imagine The Jewish Mathematica Teacher explaining how including circumcision in word problems would make it easier to engage Jews in math.  There are some even more offensive ways to describe this website equivalent to how what used to be a really nasty term for over the top gay men has become a preferred term.

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