Sunday, August 21, 2022

An Opportunity to Help

 The John Locke Foundation is putting together a policy paper about reducing poverty in North Carolina.  I was tasked with writing a chapter on the interaction of severe mental illness, substance abuse, deinstitutionalization, crime, and poverty.  (If you have much of my stuff, you can see why me.)  I am reaching the draft stage (perhaps not final draft).  It is about 9700 words.  If you would be willing to look it over for structural suggestions, typos, clumsy wording, I would be very appreciative.  Email me at firstname @ firstnamelastname .com.


  1. I could do that. I'm pretty good at spotting spelling/punct errors and bad phrasing. (If I had a nickel for every Oxford comma I've inserted into Wikipedia, I could buy a case of really good beer.)

    But I can't promise quick turnaround; I spend a lot of time as caregiver for my 97-year-old mother.

    1. Rich: At this point I have one reviewer. Email me and I will let you know when to send what you have.