Wednesday, November 3, 2021

The Insanity Gets Worse

 I just received an email that opens with:

Conspiracy Theorists Were Right; It Is a Killer Jab! It All Makes Sense Once You Realize They Want to Kill Us All!

Thursday, October 28, 2021 14:42

The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right; It IS a “Poison-Death Shot”

I’ll do one more mind experiment with you: If everyone on the planet were to get Covid and not get treated, the death-rate globally would be less than half a percent. 

As a poison-death shot, it is not very effective.  There are at least 100 million Americans vaccinated, and yet the population is not disappearing.  VAERS shows under 20,000 deaths after vaccination, and there is no reason to assume that these were caused by the vaccine.  This is a correlation that does not show causality; it is also a pretty typical average death rate in a non-COVID year.

Even when treated, the death rate is a fraction of 1%.  Untreated: who knows.

I keep seeing paranoids claiming a million deaths after vaccination.  Even if the government was covering up these deaths, even the anecdotal approach many poorly educated or paranoid people use fails this test.  How many people do you know who have been vaccinated and died.  I know none; I do not know anyone who has even been hospitalized after vaccination.

YUes, the vaccines were oversold on long-term effectiveness.  Yes, the Democrats have been using this for political advantage and to make Americans dependent on the government. Yes, other treatment options that do nothing for Big Pharma have been supprressed.

There are some categories, such as men 13-23, for whom the myocarditis and pericarditis risks might plausibly argue for surviving natural infection instead.  But this fact-free (and even fact-hostile) paranoia is getting people killed and in most unpleasant ways: not being able to get a breath.


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  1. VAERS relies on self-reporting, and is not at all reliable for total numbers.

    Combine that with last months CDC livestream and the stunning admissions senior CDC personal made about the 'vaccines' penchant for 'severe adverse reactions,' and the real death toll from the notVax (look it up, the jab meets literally NONE of the criteria for being a real vaccine) is at LEAST 150,000, and may well be higher.