Monday, November 22, 2021

It Sounds Like Parody, But It Is Actually an Intellectual

 10/21 The Critic:

If all opinions that I disagree with were made illegal, fascism would be over.

Under the current tyranny of “free speech”, bigots feel emboldened to harass me online with their calls for “debate” and “discussion”. Luckily, the police have been monitoring bad opinions on social media for quite some time, which is far more important than all this so-called “knife crime”. A stab wound might be unpleasant, but at least it can’t be retweeted.

Judith Butler, the world’s leading expert in Gender Studies (the only academic subject that actually matters), recently declared that gender-critical feminism is “one of the most dominant strains of fascism of our time”. This means that anyone who believes there are biological differences between men and women is literally a Nazi.

We are dealing with a very educated person here:

Anyone who has the courage to stand up to these monsters deserves as much respect as whoever it was who killed Hitler.

Who killed Hitler? I am sure just about all of you know. It was suicide. 

I take that back, this is World Class parody.


  1. This is absolutely, 100% a parody article. The author is listed as Titania McGrath.

  2. That's Titania McGrath.

    "She" is a well known and hilarious parody.