Thursday, November 4, 2021

This is Disturbing

 The Italian government just reduced their COVID death count because only 2.9% of those deaths were actually caused by COVID.  They have reassigned the other deaths to the comorbidities.  I ran the article through Google Translate explaining the choppy form.  The source Italian is 10/21/21 Il Tempo:

According to the new report (which had not been updated since July) from the Higher Institute of Health on mortality from Covid, the virus that brought the world to its knees would have killed far less than a common flu. It seems a bizarre and no vax statement, but according to the statistical sample of medical records collected by the institute, only 2.9% of the deaths registered since the end of February 2020 would be due to Covid 19. So of the 130,468 deaths registered by official statistics at the time of the preparation of the new report only 3,783 would be due to the power of the virus itself. Because all the other Italians who lost their lives had from one to five diseases which, according to the ISS, therefore already left them little hope. Even 67.7% would have had more than three contemporary diseases together, and 18% at least two together. Now I personally know many people, but none who have the misfortune of having five serious illnesses at the same time. I would like to trust our scientists, then I go to read the ailments listed which would be no secondary reason for the loss of so many Italians and I begin to feed some profane doubts. According to the ISS, 65.8% of Italians who are no longer there after being infected with Covid were ill with arterial hypertension, that is, they had high blood pressure. 23.5% were also demented, 29.3% added some diabetes to their ailments, 24.8% also atrial fibrillation. And that's not all: 17.4% already had sick lungs, 16.3% had had cancer in the last 5 years; 15.7% suffered from heart failure, 28% had ischemic heart disease, 24.8% suffered from atrial fibrillation, more than one in ten were also obese, more than one in ten had a stroke, and others albeit in a smaller percentage, he had severe liver problems, dialysis and autoimmune diseases.

But is Il Tempo some crackpot *Italian National Enquirer?  From the Encyclopedia Britannica:

Il Tempo, (Italian: “Time”) morning daily newspaper published in Rome, one of Italy’s outstanding newspapers and one with broad appeal and influence in the Roman region. 

The Italian Higher Institute of Health seems to be a reputable organization. 

Can someone tell me why no one else is covering such a major news story?

The Italian government says that article was incorrect:

Il Tempo Director Franco Bechis, who authored the article, told USA TODAY in an email his decision to apply the 2.9% figure to all COVID-19 deaths was based on previous action from the Italian National Institute of Health, whose experts used "a few hundred" medical records to describe the trend and impact of the virus across Italy at the beginning of the pandemic.

But the article's conclusion that only 2.9% of deaths were caused by COVID-19 is "completely wrong," said Pier David Malloni, a spokesperson for the Italian National Institute of Health.

 Graziano Onder, director of the Department of Cardiovascular, Endocrine-metabolic Diseases and Aging, also told La Repubblica that's not an accurate way of interpreting the report.

"It's all wrong, it's not true that only 2.9% of deaths are due to COVID," Onder told the newspaper, according to Google Translate. "Of course the vast majority of deaths are people who had pre-existing diseases but who very often were in good health, and they would have lived for many more years."

In most cases, he said, patients with pre-existing conditions like hypertension would not have died without first contracting COVID-19 – meaning the virus was the primary cause of death. Onder told the newspaper that, in Italy, there were 100,000 more deaths recorded in 2020 than in 2019.

"The reason for that increase cannot be the pre-existing chronic pathologies in many victims, which were equally widespread in previous years," he said. "That number tells the impact of the coronavirus in our country."

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