Monday, November 15, 2021

Rittenhouse State Witnesses

The prosecutor has some pretty damning video that seems to show Rittenhouse shooting Rosenbaum from some distance away.  If so, the coroner's testimony that Rosenbaum's hand was in close proximity to the muzzle.  That video makes that impossible.  This alone makes the video suspicious.

The prosecutor also points to the four shots fired in less than a second as evidence of bad intent for failing to stop and ascertain if more shots needed to be fired.  

Of course, in life threatening situations, making split second decisions can be quite dangerous.   This is why police officers often fire what seems like a lot of shots at a bad guy.

Dumb, dumb, dumb, or the prosecutor wants to lose.  On direct examination he asked Rosenbaum's fiancee if he had just come from the hospital the day he died, and if he had taken his medication that day.

This opened the door for the defense to ask for what the medication was, and why he was hospitalized.  I am still waiting for him to ask what hospital he was in.

And he did not ask it! Fortunately, the prosecutor then asked her how long he been taking Gabipentin.  At least  a year.  Even if the jurors do not know what it is, that question should tip them off that there was a long-term problem.

It gets better with every minute.   Prosecutor asks on cross-examination if car dealership owner ever asked Kyle to watch their business.   No.  Then the prosecutor asked him to read a text message from Kyle to Sam's brother offering to provide armed protection for the dealership.  The prosecutor is doing defense attorney's job.

It gets better. One of the car dealership employees, Anmol, denied talking to someone about defending the store.  Then the prosecutor asked him about the text message from Kyle to Anmol offering to provide armed protection to the dealership.  This is the prosecutor. 

Just before opening the door about Grosbaum's medication Binger and defense counsel whispered to each other.  Binger's boss told him to get Rittenhouse and I think his conscience is bothering.   Everything this guy practically is what the defense could only wish for.

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