Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Not Just Catholic Clergy

 2/13/19 Houston Chronicle:

Scores of Southern Baptist youth pastors across the country, many with little oversight or formal training, used their church positions to groom and sexually abuse children in their flocks, an investigation by the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News reveals....
More than 100 Southern Baptists described as former youth pastors or youth ministers are now in prison, are registered as sex offenders or have been charged with sex crimes, the newspapers found. Their most common targets were teenage girls and boys, though smaller children also were molested, sometimes in pastors' studies and Sunday school rooms.
Core issues: oversight, prevent youth pastors from having one-on-one private situations with minors.  You cannot prevent this, but churches must be aware of the dangers involved.  Never put teenaged boys in positions of unsupervised control of minors.  I have seen churches devastated by having teen boys in charge of toddlers.

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