Thursday, November 4, 2021

Democrats: Hint, Drop the Progressives

10/4/21 USA Today reports a Republican truck driver defeated the New Jersey State Senate President. 

Sure spent about $10,000; Sweeney about $500,000 in a state almost as bue as California.  News media are covering both as a man bites dog story and some obvious admiration for a successful underdog.

The Democrats need to reconsider whether appealing to the 19% of privileged whites with CRT and the 5% of LGBT voters is really a winning strategy, especially because it is beginning to look like the Court is going to deliver a devastating and perhaps fatal blow to the 3% of serious gun banners. 

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  1. Steve Sweeney the losing candidate here, was and is a moderate, a union boss who is more like the White working class Democrats of fifty years ago. As The head of the state senate he has thus far kept the worst of Governor Phil Murphy's gun control proposals from moving forward. With him gone and a newer far more liberal the state senate president Murphy's most egregious gun control plans will very likely become law.