Thursday, November 4, 2021

The 33" Curved Monitor Arrived

In spite of everything online that said Samsung moved all their monitor manufacturing to India, it was made in China.  Perhaps end of the Chinese manufacturing run?

Unfortunately my old Lenovo graphics adapter does not know about 4K resolution or perhaps the DisplayPort to HDMI cable cannot recognize 4K, even with the Samsung drivers.  It seems limited to 2048x1152.  This old laptop has no HDMI port, nor does the Lenovo dock.  The new laptop coming soon has an HDMI port.

Because of this low resolution (from the man who thought the leap from VGA to SVGA was truly awesome), I still cannot get all the applications that I need on one screen, so I have kept the Asus 24" hooked up to the SVGA port on the laptop.  I also want to give the Samsung a few days to get past infant mortality phase. 

The native screen is not very useful for this but the new laptop is a 17" FHD screen so it should make a fine auxiliary if I need it. 

My phone refuses to take a picture of the setup and insert in this blog entry.  Size envy?

The Pentax came through:

Not a great picture.  It is dark inside and outside right now so ISO 3200 and 1/50th of a second.  I also shrank it to 1024x768.

I just learned how to use Windows Snap and maybe one will be enough at 4K.

If you know to use PrtScrn to copy screen to clipboard, like I just did, you may wonder why that button has been on PC keyboards since 1980, when Windows was not even imaginable by Microsoft.  From the very beginning, that button would print the contents of your screen to the dot matrix printer attached to parallel port LPT1:.

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