Sunday, November 14, 2021

Free Monitors in Boise

 I have two monitors that I no longer need that are taking up space.  Used monitors are worth so little on Craig's List that I thought that I would offer them to any of my loyal readers who live close enough to come and pick them up.

Viewsonic VP201B 20" FHD USB SVGA and DisplayPort inputs.  and USB-A connector for those who want to daisy-chain them.  This has an adjustable height stand and can pivot to either portrait or landscape.  My loyal readers have replaced some odd part a couple of times (for which I am grateful).  It is currently working beautifully.  Too young for a computer museum; too old for anyone to buy.  No power cord (although I might be able to find one in the cord mating ball).

ASUS VS238 23" FHD HDMI DisplayPort SVGA.  This has a power cord.

I have an SVGA cable.  Heck, I've got all sorts of cables, DisplayPort to HDMI, SVGA to SVGA and some cables that belong in the Computer Museum (RS-232C and Centronics).  If you need a cable for one of these monitors, I can dig around and likely find one.

If no one wants them by Wednesday, I will offer them to my students.

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