Wednesday, November 10, 2021

User Name Screwed Up

 For some reason, how I set up the new PC, made the user clayt instead of clayton, so cross links are failing.  I am now copying \Users\clay to \Users\clayton to solve this problem.  Thoes not solve it.  All the pages that I can find either rely on running as administrator which seems not to work with I run command as administrator or basically warn you that it may not work and will leave you thoroughly screwed.  GeekSquad next, I guess.

They barely (if at all) understood why this path mattered.  (If Windows was written by a sane person, it would allow relative links between Office applications: ./MassMurderIntermediary.xlsx.

But I found myself wondering: does Windows have anything like Unix symbolic links?  Yes, it does.  In \Users, running command shell as Administrator: mklink /d clayton clayt.  Problem solved.  Not quite.  Some permissions issue allows saves through that link for Excel, but not Access.

Would a hard link be a better choice? I cannot articulate why, but it is a guess.  Copied everything to symbolic link.  Everything works.

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