Monday, November 8, 2021

I Am Now Convinced the Rittenhouse DA Is Trying to Lose

 I was watching today as he direct examined Grosskreutz (the rioter who was only wounded).  At one point, the DA pointed to a still from a livestream that shows him, and asks him to show the jury the position he was in.  He was crouched, with a handgun in his right hand, three feet from Rittenhouse, who was on the ground.  When the defense attorney cross-examined him, he asked if the picture showed him pointing his Glock at Rittenhouse's head.  After a bit of back and forth, Grosskreutz agreed that it was pointed in Rittenhouse's direction if not directly at him.

I think the DA wants to be able to say, "I tried" to the voters, who are only 11.5% black, so there must be a lot of white progressives there whose votes he needs.

The detective who filed the criminal complaint had a search warrant for Grosskreutz's phone.  On advice of the DA the detective did not exercise the warrant, losing any possible evidence. Grosskreutz refused to allow examination.  Rittenhouse unlocked his phone for police.

And the skateboard used in the assault was never obtained.

The police only swabbed part of the rifle barrel for DNA, so establishing if anyone had tried to grab the rifle was impossible.   The detective on cross-examination admitted that Rosenbaum had powder burns from the rifle.  Obviously close.

The videos show mostly white people rioting.


  1. The fact that the domestic terrorist felon with a gun isn't being charged for the multiple felonies he committed (just by owning and carrying said gun, and not including the whole 'attempted premeditated murder of child' thing) is all the proof one needs to know that "I work for the Kenosha (in)justice system" is a synonym for "I'm a grotesque subhuman monster whose proper place in the world is kneeling in the street with a gasoline soaked tire around my neck."