Thursday, November 18, 2021

USA Made Audio Cables

 My 33" monster monitor has built-in speakers but needs a 3.5mm male-to-male cable from PC audio jack to monitor.  Amazon has gobs of them, mostly (probably all) Chinese-made.  I would be happy with any non-Chinese cable but what I found was Cables for Less:

Constructed of the Highest-Quality AMERICAN-MADE materials, and HAND-ASSEMBLED right here in the USA!

They had none in stock in either 3' or 6' lengths, but they are making one for me and I should have it next week for $19 delivered.   Even Amazon would need until Saturday to get me Chinese.  I wish Amazon consistently identified country of origin for all products.

I just received a shipped notice!

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  1. I spoke with an Amazon person, an amazing feat all of its own as far as my experience goes, and expressed the same thoughts regarding country of origin. I got the distinct impression of, or maybe I actually did hear, him rolling his eyes and just waiting so he could terminate the call as I was just another count on the calls totalizer. Amazon doesn't much care what a customer thinks as any customer is but one in a sea of many.

    I have noticed, however, more vendors citing "Made in the USA" as a selling point. Wish it were a recognized search term.