Thursday, November 11, 2021

Preparing for the Inevitable

I saw something on YouTube from some news organization whining that the judge is clearly biased in favor of Rittenhouse.  They quoted some defense attorney that Judge Schroeder leans towards the defense.   Of course the whole system is intentionally biased against the enormous power of the government.  Worst of all, his cell phone went off and ringtone has the song "God Bless the USA."  Clearly not to be trusted 


  1. The Left believes its own propaganda: Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty of killing in self-defense which is a Crime Against Humanity much worse than mere murder. It's a crime so heinous that the prosecution is righteously willing to cut down every law in Wisconsin and the US to convict Rittenhouse, and they're furious that the judge refuses to go along with this.

  2. The Leftists are just the people to do that. And once they've cut down every law except "Because I said so", and the wind of lawlessness blows freely across the country, what law will they hold up in their defense?

    1. The law they will hold up in their defense is "Might Makes Right! The law is whatever Government Almighty says it is at any given moment. And WE are Government Almighty. Suck it up, peasants!"

      Or to put it another way, they're going full Hobbes, on steroids and turned up to eleven. And they're convinced that they can win against any Lockean Appeal to Heaven that might occur.