Saturday, November 6, 2021

Cropping A Picture to 8.5" x 11" Aspect Ratio

 Most camera images are 1.4925x wider than tall (in portrait mode).  I need to crop pictures to the 1.29 aspect ratio of wall calendar pages (perhaps 1.2 to leave room for the caption.  Image rescale in IrfanView when resizing up keeps the aspect ratio the same.  Trying to drag the selection box to 1.29 turns out to be harder than it should.  Any suggestions on a program that makes this easy?  Select part of a picture and crop to 1.29:1 aspect?

GIMP Image Transform-> Guillotine, once I figure out how to tell it where the guide marks are.  I think that I would have titled it, Paper Cutter.

I managed to do it once.

Notice the column in the foreground is closer to the edge than it was before.  But how I did this, I have no idea.  More experimentation is required.

I found the trick: Reset to default window settings.


  1. In Gimp, Image / Transform / Scale. Unlock the two dimensions and you can set to whatever you want. However, what I do is scale to get close to the size I want and then crop. I assume you can also crop the way you want in IrfanView.

    1. Thanks. This solved my problem, and I also figured out scaling in GIMP as well. Doing it all in one application is a win.

  2. Have you tried Photoshop Elements? Nt sure if there is a trial version available. Haven't used it in a long time but I remember it had extensive cropping abilities. Been a while so am sure it has been upgraded several times since then.