Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Rittenhouse Technical Clownery

Apparently there is a discrepancy between the drone video submitted by the State and that received by the defense.   One is compressed and the other is not. As you might expect the prosecutor and defense are utterly out of their depth.  4 millibyte video file?  Compression from transferring from iPhone to Android?   The prosecutor admitted that if he understood this stuff, he would have a much better job.

The filename somehow changed along the way.  I have no idea why this video matters so much. And the metadata has different create dates.  One is 21 minutes later than the other.  Enough time to fudge and recreate it 

Of course all the defense should need is reasonable doubt and this video is way beyond reasonable at this point 


  1. The defense could have caused this "millibyte" discrepancy easily with their lack of technical knowledge.

    Handling evidence with personal emails, airdrop, etc. Laughable.

    She said she downloaded it 4 different times with the same name. The file names will change if she doesn't overwrite the file every time, and it doesn't default to doing that anyways.

    Overall, guilty or not, this man does not deserve his fate to be in the hands of clear idiots.

  2. The piece of video in question is the key that the prosecution was basing their whole "he aimed first" on that video. And they didn't show the high quality version until closing arguments. They didn't make it available to the defense. And, as you stated, the version the defense got was not only lesser quality, but a different length. All in all, the prosecution botched this badly in many ways. But neither the judge nor the jurors want to deal with the nasty life threats that they are receiving.

  3. From what I've heard, the file was "airdropped" from one Apple device to another. I guess that's like an NFC file transfer? Supposedly this will cause the video to be compressed, and the differing file timers are because the copy is a new file.

    The issue is that due to downscaling, the prosecution had a clearer view of details than the defense did, because the video was higher resolution. You can find pictures on Twitter and the like showing the difference, but imagine watching a video on Youtube in 1080p and then in 240p.