Thursday, November 18, 2021

MSNBC Banned From Courthouse

 An MSNBC reporter was caught trailing the blacked out bus that takes jurors from the courthouse to somewhere that presumably is where they get into their cars.  Judge Schroeder never made it explicit that this was an attempt to doxx them, or intimidate them, but the implication was clear enough.  It does not seem to fit into Wisconsin's jury tampering statute.  I cannot easily find their obstruction of justice statute, but it would seem to fit that.  Freedom of press does not apply; this would be a violation for anyone, not just a reporter.


  1. But since he was a (sort of, kind of, mostly, sometimes, to some people) member of the Press, this law shouldn't apply to him, and it IS interfering with the Press as he and whoever hired him interpret it, so the Judge is racist, terrorist-supporting, prejudiced (and sexist, too, for good measure) for enforcing a law that is on its face only intended for the hoi polloi and not the anointed members of the Fourth Estate.

    This has all the earmarks of bad faith the way a drunk calling to say his car's been stolen out of the Bar's parking lot is prima facie evidence he intended to drive while falling down, stinking blind drunk.

  2. Just your daily reminder that journarats are grotesque subhuman monsters, and America will never be free again until they've been given what they deserve.