Thursday, November 18, 2021

Working My Way Back Through Earlier Days of the Trial (Trial Day 3)

Prosecutor on direct examination of journalist McGinnis tries to get McGinnis to say that McGinnis felt in danger from Rittenhouse.   McGinnis said that he changed his direction to not be behind Rosenbaum.  He also confirmed Rittenhouse's claim that they were very close.   He could not see if there was contact because Rosenbaum was in between him and the gun.  And the prosecutor called this witness!  If Binger was not trying to lose, he is incompetent.

On cross, McGinnis confirmed that he did not feel threatened by Rittenhouse, and the overall situation was menacing because of armed people on the roof.  McGinnis also said that Rittenhouse was in a dead end with nowhere to retreat and no one with him.  At least two people were apparently working together to surround Rittenhouse. McGinnis also said Rosenbaum never turned away from Rittenhouse so he could not have been shot in the back.  McGinnis said that he thought the attackers were reaching for the gun.

There was a lot of flak from the peanut gallery about a small-town lawyer discarding a lawyer who wanted to use a jury consultant.  Rittenhouse's defense team is one that I would want defending me.  They are really good.  Of course, they are up against an idiot.

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