Monday, July 1, 2024

Lots of People Want Machine Guns

But when you use your position as a,police chief, that is not okay.  7/1/24 Des Moines Register:
"A former small-town Iowa police chief will go to prison for five years after he was convicted of lying to federal officials in an attempt to stockpile machine guns.

"Bradley Wendt, who led the three-man Adair Police Department, also owned a gun store and was licensed to buy and sell machine guns. He was indicted in 2022 on charges that he had lied to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on forms needed to obtain approval for such transactions, falsely claiming that guns would be sold for use by, or demonstration to, the police department."

He tried to buy a mini gun.  Somehow, I am having trouble imagining for what a small town Iowa police department needs that.  He watched Children of the Corn too many times?


  1. Most small town police departments don't have the budget to fire a minigun for more than a few minutes.

    The absolute cheapest ammo I could find online is from Giraitės Ginkluotės Gamykla in Lithuania at 82cents per round. Given a minigun shoots a minimum of 2000 rounds per minute, that $1640 per minute. That is before you pay for shipping. (Ammo is mostly lead; shipping is never free)

    If you assume "buy American" is in play, the cheapest ammo is from Winchester at $1.04 per round.

    Now you might be able to get a little better price dealing direct with the manufacturers, but it won't be a lot different.

  2. That's assuming a typical Dillion Aero M134 Minigun firing 7.62×51mm NATO (308 Winchester) ammo

  3. Adair is surrounded by wind turbines, maybe he wanted to play modern-day Don Quixote?