Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bizarre Gadgets for Travel

The flu-like symptoms my wife has that prevented us from travelling have been afflicting me as well, but I don't barely notice leg muscle pain which is where I am having it.  I thought it was treadmill related.  I guess not.

I complained about the distance between gates at DIA and a reader pointed me to this gadget, reviewed in 9/27/16 Telegraph:
An American entrepreneur has come up with the “Modobag” – a piece of carry-on which is designed to convey grown-ups through busy airports with the minimum possible effort.
On the down-side (when compared to ridealong bags for junior travellers), the Modobag does not look like a creature from the African savannah or a medieval fairytale. On the plus side, it does come with a motor, a steering pole and brakes – meaning you can drive it all the way to your flight’s last call without working up a sweat or a shortness of breath.
The Modobag can even reach speeds three times faster than walking – an indoor setting of 5mph; an outdoor setting of 8mph – making missed connections a thing of the past.

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