Thursday, September 8, 2016

Recycling a Wireless Router into an Access Point

Thanks to all that supplied equipment and expertise.  The Tenda wireless router has no way to display or configure the DHCP range.  Hard to believe, but Tenda finally admitted that for this router there was no firmware upgrade that would allow this.  The default range is 192.168.x.100 to x.200.  So I set up the wireless Linksys router in the bedroom next to the garage as  The PC in the garage, had been about 1 Mbps before my wife went on a stress-induced cleaning and organizing rampage.  Afterwards, the Tenda wireless router was about 8 Mbps.  (Remember my ISP is 20 Mbps max.)  With the Linksys AP, I now get about 11 Mbps in the garage.

The Toshiba in the kitchen was 13 Mbps on the Tenda; now it's 15 Mbps.  I may put the Linksys higer up the wall to improve visibility and data rate.

Higher up the wall and the Compaq in the garage now gets 17 Mbps.  A longer CAT6 cable and I might get 20.

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  1. Are you measuring from internal to internal computer, or speed test to the outside?