Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Too Stupid To Stay Out of Prison, I Suspect

9/12/16 Associated Press:
TAMPA, Fla. - Police say a Florida man asking if a bulletproof vest "still worked" was fatally shot by his cousin.A Tampa police report says Joaquin Mendez, 23, put on the vest late Saturday and "wondered aloud whether it still worked."Police say his cousin, Alexandro Garibaldi, 24, pulled out a gun and responded, "Let's see."
Officers found Mendez outside the house with a gunshot wound in his chest. Mendez died at a hospital.
For those lacking the intelligence of a turnip: a gun is a very serious tool.


  1. I saw this last night. In a follow-up story, they said it was a flak jacket, and they aren't bulletproof or bullet resistant.

    Also, the shooter is a prohibited person.

  2. Appears to me go be a great example of evolution at work.