Tuesday, September 27, 2016

An Unreasonable Request

I am writing a book on gunsmithing and gun making in early America.  I need some methodical people to read through the footnotes and verify that of the source appear in the bibliography.  This is a "posthole" type of history; the sort of highly detailed history that only a university press will publish because the only commercial market will be gun collectors.  This gives you the chance to read it first.
Yes, this is part of demolishing Haag's new book before it starts appearing in antigun legal briefs and then court decisions.  Since Haag's book of lies is based on Bellesiles' "scholarship," I am demolishing any last defenders or disciples of his as well.  Take no prisoners!

I will be adding a chapter or two later on the role that gunsmithing and manufacture had in creating the modern world by way of machine tooling.

If interested in this absurdly boring task, email me at clayton AT claytoncramer.com.

UPDATE: I have two people working on this now.  That should be enough.

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