Friday, September 23, 2016

Another Reminder That Idaho Is In The U.S., Unlike California

I saw this logo on an SUV:
Miss Concealed began as a quest to find functional, comfortable, feminine and stylish conceal carry options for myself, family and girlfriends. Searching through the internet, local gun shops, sporting goods stores and gun shows it was apparent that the firearms industry had not yet caught up with the uprising in female gun ownership. Since 2009 the concealed weapon permit for women across the nation has increased by 89% yet the firearm industry still maintains to mainly cater to the male firearm owner. Ladies want options other than black, green and camo for their conceal carry options. Hearing and reading of the desires of women asking and searching for conceal carry options that cater to a ladies needs, I set out to do what I could to give ladies a choice. Hidden Heat Lace products are designed and assembled in the USA, Hidden Heat 3, 4 and Bra-ly Concealed are made in the USA by Miss Concealed.

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