Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lessons Learned on This Trip

1. Really tiny jets are miserable to fly in.

2.  It isn't the weight of what you are carrying that is the biggest hassle, but how many things you have to carry unless your parents bought the optional extra hands options.

3. Smallest possible radius matters when getting on and off tiny jets.

The notebook wasn't too bad on weight, but awkward getting in and out of seat.

The Bose headphones (a gift from HP at a time when our workplace was very noisy) were light, but one more hand.  The travel pillow is light, but one more hand!  Next step: backpack for the notebook in a foam slipcase, power supply and external mouse in a side pocket.  Bose case in the backpack.  One hand, about eight pounds.

3. Looking for the cheapest rental car for a day in Austin, Expedia gave me E-Z Rent A Car as the cheapest option.

  a.  At the counter, they were closed and directed us to Advantage at the next counter.
  b.  The quoted price included only one driver.  Add $11 for my wife.  Many rental agencies charge you nothing for a spouse.

Next time, pay a bit more upfront to rent from Enterprise.

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  1. For about 5 months I was flying out to the west coast once a month with 2 laptops, noise cancelling bluetooth headset (Golzer, 4 star rating IMO), a kindle and a weeks worth of attire.

    I checked my main bag (because gun) and carried one of these on. It's probably a little big (it's 39 liters. My backpacking bag is 50) but it's got a decent hip belt, and lots of organization. It's got a little brother (agave) that is 7 liters smaller and 1/2 the price. It loses the hip belt, which was deal killer from me, but YMMV.

    I put the stuff I need for the flight on the outside/top and stow it under-seat.