Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Just noticed I made flight reservations to Austin for 9/20-9/21.  I need for 9/21-9/22.  That's $400 in change fees.  I did purchase the Expedia Flight Protection: Basic (Domestic 48) when I booked the flight, but I can't find any description of whether this covers flight cancellations in general or only for illness.

I also screwed up the hotel reservation dates and the Hilton reservations clerk spoke English so poorly that I could often not understand her, and vice versa.  At least changing the hotel reservation only cost about $40; the flight change was $242 per person.  At times, making advance reservations seems not so attractive.

UPDATE: I booked the right dates in August, so I have wasted a pile of time and money today trying to straighten out yesterday's attempt to fix something that wasn't broken.  Also, no more Expedia; it's Keystone Kops with people that I can't understand and vice versa.  They also keep dropping the line.

At least the Keystone Kops had some slapstick humor.  Expedia no.


  1. You had a stroke.

    The stroke left you with neurological issues.

    Therefore your need to change your dates is based on "illness".


  2. Now you know why I like to make reservations over the net. Gets rid of any problems with understanding the other person.

  3. I hate it when I do things like that!

    I use Southwest. Then I can correct my errors at no cost. I don't even have your valid excuse - I haven't had a stroke.

    I hope you can clear it up without those obscene change fees.