Wednesday, September 7, 2016

ITT Technical Institute Closes Its Doors

9/7/16 Washington Post

I taught there three terms and I always felt uncomfortable doing so.  I did my best to teach, but many of the students probably should not have received high school diplomas.  Often well meaning kids and young adults, but many would have been in over their heads at a community college.
Many were running up huge student loan debts which I doubted that they would EVER be able to repay.

Many of these problems were self-inflicted.  I taught State and Local Government two terms.  (Will you be surprised to find out that none of the students one term  knew that Congress and the state legislature were separate bodies, with different elections, and duties?)  One student failed to turn in the term paper and ended up failing.  She came back the next term and repeated this mistake.  She had done this in a previous term.  I asked my dean what was going on with this gal.  Her response was that she would, like many of their students, keep doing this until she exhausted her student loan, would drop out, and have $500 a month repayment bills for decades, with no diploma or certificate.

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