Thursday, September 15, 2016

Even Clinton's People Now Admit Pay for Play

9/14/16 Daily Caller:
The president of the Clinton Foundation admitted on Wednesday that there is “no question” that donors to the non-profit are helped out by the powerful former first family through “courtesy appointments.”
“There’s no question there were phone calls made to get appointments for people,” Donna Shalala told MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell in an interview.
Shalala was named president of the Clinton Foundation last year. As soon as she took over she was faced with withering criticism that the Clinton family entity was nothing more than a vehicle for the Clintons’ pocketbooks and political ambitions. Donald Trump and other Clinton critics have said that the charity is a “pay to play” scheme.

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It must be nice to be a megarich Democrat.

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  1. This is utterly brazen, like Anthony Weiner condemning selfie culture.

    Someone shoudl ask Hillary some of those questions.

    And a few more.

    On another note, I think the Wapo's URL creator is being paid by the character.