Thursday, September 8, 2016

Why Democrats Want Lots of Muslim Refugees in America

The Islamic State terrorists who attacked the Bataclan theater in Paris last November not only killed scores of innocents — they also gouged out the eyes and sliced up the genitals of some of the victims, according to testimony in a disturbing French report.
Some victims’ bodies from the second floor of the theater had been beheaded, eviscerated and otherwise mutilated, according to two secondhand accounts reported to a parliamentary commission set up to investigate the attack.
The investigation’s chair, conservative lawmaker Georges Fenech, complained to the commission that details of the mutilations have been kept from families and the press, according to an online transcript.
He also said he had heard of one especially grievous account: The father of one victim had told him that his son had been disemboweled and castrated, with his testicles found in his mouth.
When things get bad enough they may terrify Americans into accepting a police state.

7/15/16 U.K. Daily Mail has a similar report.


  1. If you take away from people their ability to defend themselves, they'll vote themselves a police state for their own protection.

  2. I agree with what Jeff Dege said above, but I sorta have to dissent from your point (I think) about the reports of mutilation:
    If you look at Mathew Brady's Civil War photos of battlefield dead, they are almost all Confederates. That's because Brady worked for Abe Lincoln. During World War II, the U.S. government suppressed all atrocity stories, for two reasons: To spare the families of fallen military personnel from the fear that their loved ones had been tortured before death, and to prevent vengeful retaliation in kind. I don't think either of those goals are invalid.

  3. Preventing vengeful retaliation on Muslims is a valid goal. But not letting anyone know the horror of what is being done, discourages serious prophylactic steps.

  4. What is wrong with vengeance against Muslims?? Sounds totally cool to me!!

  5. They may also vote for pro-Second-Amendment candidates.

  6. If Trump isn't elected, or turns out to be a squish on immigration and Muslim refugees, the next candidate is going to be an American Duterte