Friday, September 16, 2016

Cute, Perhaps Useful Gadget

It only cost me $2.61 with special deal I got for being a reviewer, but ordinarily $21.99 for Amazon Prime members, so yet another reminder the Chinese are engaged in foreign aid to the U.S.  The Amazon description is
Niniso Tactical Green Laser Sight 532nm with Picatinny Rail Mount Pack, Black
It is a green laser with pressure switch designed to fit 1 inch rings (25.4mm exterior diameter).

These photos were taken just after sunset (exterior llumination 55 lux).  In full daylight not so bright, of course.

From inside my garage to the shed, about 114 feet.  Plenty bright.  Even at a couple hundred yards if you knew where to look you could see it.

It's a very serious looking device, nicely finished in matte black, slightly spoiled by the words "ARMED FORCES LASER SIGHT MODULE."  I am sure no military more serious than the Duchy of Grand Fenwick has adopted it.  It might be used by the Unorganized Militia of American Liberation if things get that bad.
The pressure switch has a long coiled cord best suited to a rifle; it would be long and clumsy for a handgun, which its brightness best suits it for.

It comes in a nicely padded box cut out to fit all its parts.

What's this part for?  Not described in the manual, but it appears to be an on/off switch that replaces the pressure switch.  Talk about giving away your position and exhausting the 3.7V 1200 mAH battery out !  That's why the pressure switch is the only choice for tactical work.

Along with rings that appear to fit standard dovetails

There is this odd gadget which I guess is the Picatinny mount but designed to handle side-by-side the laser sight and a 1" optical scope.  
Is that what those lines are in the base?
  This might be useful because in daylight at a distance of a couple hundred yards, you won't see the green dot without some optical assistance.  Perhaps the most sensible arrangement.  The gadget has up/down and left/right adjustments designed to be moved with enclosed Allen wrench (instead of the more traditional screwdriver used on most scopes).  They have scew-on covers.

This would make sense for close-in combat, say if zombies attack your house or you live in California (much the same thing) and you have your AR-15 out at the time.  For a sniper, this only makes sense dusk to dawn.  Under those circumstances sure.  Downside: instruction sheet written in tragic Chinglish, but I can make out what it means.

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