Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Took a Long Nap Today; Can't Sleep

I mentioned a while back struggles with moving files from Linux to Windows.  Today I saw mention of SSH and SCP.  After struggling a bit I suddenly realized that FireZilla, an open source FTP client probably supports SCP and SSH, and sure enough it does and there is a Linux version.

I also mentioned that in addition to the 2003-era HP laptop (Compaq NC6000, the second laptop HP assigned me and then gave me when they laid me off, runs a customized Debian Wheezy Linux for LinuxCNC) .  I use it to control the CNC mill  I have a 2005 HP laptop DV5126 (dual core, otherwise very antique but still running) which seemed to be suffering a problem that suggested overheating.  Windows 10 and Debian Wheezy both caused a reboot after a minute or so of use, but worked fine if I stayed in the BIOS.  So I decided to see if it was an overheating problem by running it on top of an icepack.  Worked fine.  Took it off the icepack and ran it for several hours with Windows 10.  I then installed Debian Wheezy on it.  As usual, I could not remember the magic required to make it a dual boot system, so it is only Linux now.  It has been running a couple days without problems.  I think it going to replace the even more antique Compaq NC6000 with this DV5126.  The NC6000 is having keyboard problems because of flying aluminum chips, and even running Linux, it is slow.  Perhaps I should get a keyboard condom for the DV5126 to protect it.  I also had to order a USB to parallel cable, because unlike the NC6000, the DV5126 has no parallel port, required by Sherline's CNC mill controller.

But finding a keyboard condom that fits this older laptop looks hard.  As usual, it's all about the search words.  HP Pavillion dv5 (it's formal name) has one available.

Whoops!  LinuxCNC needs a real parallel port; USB to parallel will not work.

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  1. You might need to vacuum it. Amazing what ends up inside. I'd take off the underside covers and try vacuuming and blowing everything visible. Don't forget vents in the rear and side edges. Oh, and do the keyboard.

    If it remains flaky, get one of those fan trays for laptops to help with the cooling. Some are usb powered, but using the laptop for a power source would be sub-optimal, as that just adds to the internal heat load.