Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Clinton Trump Debate

My son characterized what it would be like as a "dumpster fire."  At least he is learning cynicism about politicians.  It was indeed a great disappointment.

Clinton was a polished and impressive liar, attacking Trump in ways that were quite effective.  Trump responded pretty well to her personal attacks but repeatedly failing to take opportunities.  Some examples:

1.  When asked about cybersecurity threats, he should have said,  "Secretary Clinton claims to be concerned yet her email actions show a blithe unconcern about protecting classified documents."

2. When crtiticized for proposing to cut corporate tax rates that would benefit the rich, he should have pointed out that the U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialize world and that the rich not only funded Clinton's campaign but also are funding Clinton's campaign.

3.  When Clinton argued for banning "assault weapons," and passing commonsense "gun safety" laws, Trump should have said what he has said in his speeches, criminals don't obey laws, and reminded everyone that "gun safety" is really gun control aimed at the law-abiding and these laws have been tried without success.

My wife doubts it will change any minds.  I agree.  Trump should spend time preparing for the next one.

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  1. ARRRRGH!!!

    The "rich" do not pay taxes. Only people with incomes pay tax. Generally. There are a few exceptions like property estate taxes.

    This BS about taxing the rich drives me up a wall. What they really mean is taxing high earners. Many of the rich are not high earners.

    For example, Jeff Bezos is worth $60-70 billion. He earns $3-4 million in taxable income.

    You can tax him at 100% and that $3-4mm is all you will get.

    Warren Buffett, with $70-80bn has income of about $40-50mm. Again, a 100% income tax rate would not touch his riches.

    If they were serious about "taxing the rich" they would be trying to implement a tax on wealth. Either instead of or in addition to a tax on income.

    Not saying that a wealth tax is a good or bad idea. Just that taxing income is not the way to get at someone's wealth. Two completely different things.

    John Henry